Enzo Boglietti

Domaine La Loyane

Domaine La Loyane is a name you will start to hear regularly in discussions of noteworthy wine from the Southern Rhone.  Romain Dubois started his winemaking career on the property at the age of fifteen under the advisement of his father, from whom he has inherited 75 acres of mostly old vine parcels in Lirac and Tavel.  When you look at Romain it is hard to believe that he just completed his twentieth vintage - This is someone with experience and knowledge of the region's terroir that belies his young age of 35 years.  Laure Dubois, Romain’s charismatic and engaging wife, worked as a chef in nearby Chateauneuf-du-Pape prior to the birth of their two children, and she is now responsible for all of the vineyard work at the Domaine.  Farming is organic, and most fermentation and aging takes place in steel tank.  A portion of each wine is raised in their collection of ten used 600 liter demi muid French oak barrels.

La Loyane


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