In Support of Diversity!

On this day ahead of the election, I wanted to make a statement about diversity. I have devoted a good deal of time towards the study of this subject. I have made it a cornerstone of my thinking for as long as I have been in business and I think that it has been something that has given back in an exponential way for every dollar that I have ever invested.

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Musings Mendoza Harvest 2013

April 15, 2013. Tax Day in the US – Sure glad I am not stuffing envelopes today, but sent money to the IRS all the same. Nothing can or should be done to end that, it is one of our fundamental obligations I believe.

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2012: Looking towards the end of the world

Something about 2012. Is it just me or are things so much more ominous this year? As I sit in Bodega Calle with a bottle of Ca de Calle nearby, I contemplate on the few short days since my arrival this harvest season. A couple weeks before my arrival, one winery employee leaves after 10 years with us, dissatisfied that he is no longer the only “key” employee in the company, that he in short has to respect reporting requirements on inventory movements, while at the same time he leaves under vague staff accusations that he may have stolen a pallet of Torrontés from a shipment made to a nearby cold storage facility.

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2011 Mendoza Harvest and Reflections on the State of the Industry

I don’t consider myself a “blogger” so I don’t update this very often. Nor, does there seem to be enough time in the day to allow to get to this as much as I’d like. However from time to time the need does seem to arise. Either someone surprises me by saying “hey you haven’t written anything for a while, why not?” or something happens that tends to grind in the back of my mind until I attempt to express it here or in private email form. So here goes, what’s on my mind, North American Summer 2011.

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“We only need to drink an abundant glass of black Malbec, from a good harvest and this inspires us to speak thus of this mystic wine”
by: Winemaker Angel Antonio Mendoza & Winemaker Juan C. Rodriguez Villa

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Hiking Lomas Blancas from Mendoza

This is an excellent full day hike for those that want some physical activity but don’t want to conquer Aconcagua or El Plata between asados and wine tasting. It is usually guided for tourists and therefore has little public information available, so I decided to provide some information on the hike because I couldn’t find any on the internet the first time I went. This is for the “adventurous”, but there is little risk of injury or getting “lost” there, (though it is quite high altitude so keep this in mind).

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