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Elqui 2015 - Malbec Reserva

  • The transversal Elqui Valley borders the Pacific Ocean to the West, the Atacama Desert to the North, and the Andes Mountains to the East. While it sits closer to the equator than any other fine wine region in Chile, evening winds blast through this valley 365 days a year bringing summer nighttime temperatures to as low as 40 degrees and creating electric natural acidity in the region’s grapes
  • Danish born and raised Steffan Jorgensen (previously Head Winemaker at Bergevin Lane in Walla Walla) and his wife Pamela Nunez (native to Chile and an experienced winemaker with stints across Chile’s top properties) make small lot varietal wines and blends from 20 acres of estate fruit planted in four separate vineyard sites.
  • All wines are made with special attention to their mineral and earthy aspects and combine with Steffan’s style that delivers a broad/voluptuous style with deep acidity.
About the Wine
  • Steffan Jorgensen’s stunningly beautiful 7 acre parcel of Peralillo Vineyard sits on a moderate slope just below the tallest mountain in the region. These own rooted vines were massal selections from a now retired farmer he met in Maipo some years back. This warm site brings a ripeness and a floral component that you just don’t see from other sites planted to Malbec in Chile
  • El Tambo Vineyard is one of the more intense vineyard sites you’ll find in Chile. Steffan tends to 2.5 ares of vines on this rugged, rocky, nearly impossible to farm 45 degree slope. The site provides minerality and spice to the finished wine, with an interesting dried brown leaf note that he has not experienced elsewhere during his extensive time making wine in various parts of Chile and Washington State.

Vintage: 2015 | Wine Type: Red Wine
Varietal: Malbec: 100%
Origin: Chile | Appellation: Elqui Valley
Elaboration:  Very long maturation period in the vineyards due to very cool nights which makes for an oscillation (day/night swings) of nearly 40F.  Harvest started April 4th 2013 end ended June 19th. All by hand in 20 kg small crates. Fermentation takes places in stainless steel tanks with temperature controlled jackets to ensure certain temps are not exceeded. Very important to maintain fresh fruit characters in finished wines. Fermentation takes approx.. 12-14 days w/ a total skin contact time of 3-4 weeks depending on lots.
Conservation: 100 % Barrel aged with a mix of New, 1st and 2nd use French, American and Hungarian oak barrels for 24 months.
Winemaker: Steffan Jorgensen 

Tasting Notes

Unusually floral for Malbec, this is as bright as it is deep, with a tarry palate of blackberry, chocolate, and more floral notes. Finishes with nice balance with length and bright acidity.

Technical Data

Production: 1279 cases | Alcohol: 14.9% | TA: 5.7 g/l | Residual Sugar: < 2 g/l | pH: 3.74 

Elqui 2015 - Malbec Reserva